WOSA Cape Wine 2018 Press Release

21 September 2018 – A Record Year for CapeWine 2018

As the South African wine industry bids farewell to visitors from 66 different countries, we reflect on what was arguably one of the best ever versions of CapeWine.

Over the three days from 12-14 September, a total of 2,414 guests registered their attendance for the triennial CapeWine show that showcased wines from 352 producers under one roof. A combination of both local and international visitors attended a host of seminars, tastings and producer events where they could swirl, sniff and sip at some of South Africa’s top wines and learn more about the regions and varietals that make this country’s wine so unique.

Creating a Sustainable Future

The theme this year was \Hannuwa\, which alludes to the 200,000 year-old Khoi-San word which describes the harmony between man and the land from which is harvested. The Opening Seminar saw a range of speakers highlight various issues that surrounds the industry, but also the myriad of programmes and organisations that work together to create a sustainable future for our people and our vineyards – a relevant topic for an industry which employs roughly 289,000 people in South Africa. This seminar set the scene for the 1,345 local and 1,069 international trade and media who had registered.

About Being Blown Away

Wine buyer and partner for UK retailer, Waitrose, Victoria Mason said, “I was completely blown away by #CapeWine2018 – the quality and diversity of wines on show, the passion of the people behind the wines, the level of excitement all week from all the guests and exhibitors, the “extra-curricular” programme of events and tastings, and the optimism and determination of the industry as a whole in the face of some significant external challenges.”

True Identity

With many groupings creating elaborate stands that highlighted their regions and styles, from a 3D creation highlighting the Simonsberg to a rather funky throwback to the fashion of the 80’s, producers went all-out to stand out from the rest in order to garner the attention and ensure that their stands were popular stops. Those who opted for more traditional stands oozed class and sophistication which truly echo’d the current state of the South African wine industry.

WoSA CEO, Siobhan Thompson, comments, “South African wine has come along in leaps and bounds over the past few years and with that the confidence of our winemakers to stand tall next to their international counterparts. This confidence further boosts a drive to produce wines that are elegant, show great complexity and finesse as well as stylistic qualities that reflect a true South African identity.”

As the doors closed on a truly successful event and the industry reflects on what was a busy, yet exciting week for all, we are excited to reap the rewards in the international trade as they return with a renewed excitement about the category and the media continue to sing the praises of an industry which has finally come into its own and making its mark with pride. Until 2021.


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