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26 October 2020. Webinar.


Tuesday, 3 November 2020
From 14:00
14:00 – 14:10
Welcome – Richard Hurndall
14:10 – 14:30
Long term CA storage techniques for Granny Smith – Braam Mouton, Stellenbosch University
14:30 – 14:50
Understanding Granny Smith long term storage protocols and scald development – Monja Gerber, Stellenbosch University
14:50 – 15:10
Cripps’ Pink internal browning and long term storage – what has been learnt – Heleen Tayler, Experico
15:10 – 15:30
Optimum storage conditions for ‘Abate Fetel’ pears – Anel Botes ARC
15:30 – 15:40
Research priorities for the CA Group – Professor Wiehann Steyn, Hortgro
15:40 – 16:00
In Control with My Fruit – Niels Remmelink, Van Amerongen, Netherlands
CA equipment, My Fruit control system and Dynamic CA by ACR
16:00 – 16:30
CO2 in apple and pear storage – Adjunct Professor Robert Prange, Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University, Canada
In the absence of a reliable method to determine the acceptable CO2 concentration for long-term CA storage, I have examined the utility of the CO2/O2 ratio, using a database of commercial storage recommendations from around the world that I have compiled. In this approach, the maximum CO2 concentration is chosen in proportion to the O2 concentration applied. Using the information from the database, I have classified the major apple and pear cultivars into 7 CO2/O2 ratio categories and identified the possible influence of cultivar pedigree, storage temperature and storage O2 on the CO2/O2 ratio. A research methodology is proposed to determine a cultivar’s optimum CO2/O2 ratio at a chosen temperature and O2 concentration.
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