AGRIFARM is a dynamic and innovative South African company that focuses specifically on Water, Energy and Growth related farming matters.

We are committed to

  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • Availability and timeous delivery
  • Practical services and solutions to save costs and minimize risks on the farm
  • Innovative technology, developed and executed by highly skilled and experienced personnel.

AgriFarm is the first firm concentrating on doing online business with commercial farmers in Southern, as well as the rest of Africa. Our thrust and core competency is focussed on the trilogy of Water, Energy and Growth, designing and supplying products and services that act as a management tool to enhance yield and return per hectare, while also addressing areas such as fertilizers that are more environmentally friendly and have a smaller CO2 footprint.

Competitive markets in horticulture and agriculture encourage growers to seek more control on the plants’ performance and increase uniformity throughout. The ability to “feed” the plants with the exact amount of water and nutrients at the right moment has proven to be essential for harvest quality, quantity and timing. “Well tuned” irrigation systems can be an ultimate tool for the plants’ control and uniformity management.

AgriFarm establishes a baseline against which conservation of water and energy can be measured. This enables the farmer to take control of the cost of water and electricity as well as growth products, and to relate this information into a yield factor per hectare – also enabling him to make more effective decisions.

And the cost factor? After a 3 month trial period, a life cycle model is produced and agreed upon.

Our product range includes:

  • Fertilization
  • Filters – Plastic, Tagline, Steel, Filtomat
  • Valves – Backflush, Inline, Angle
  • Automation – Gulf, Atlantic
  • Flow meters

A large irrigation system is a complex machine, stretched over a large area. Nevertheless, on many farms, this is exactly what people do: operating these systems with almost no feedback to tell them about the performance.

AgriFarm – marketing the future today

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