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Irrigation Line Treatment Every Farmer Needs

  • Permanent solutions for unblocking Irrigation Systems in Agricultural Industry from Iron, Manganese, Slik, Paddaslym and Biofilm.
  • Suppliers of UV tank lights.
  • Water treatment systems for farm pack-houses.

Enriching the Agricultural Industry through our Treatment of Irrigation Water

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Netafim is the global leader in precision irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Since introducing drip irrigation to the world in 1965, Netafim has led the way by developing products that help farmers grow more with less™.

Netafim’s greatest goal is to overcome stumbling blocks. Working in an agricultural environment, implies a host of physical challenges to irrigation and crop production in general. These are challenges such as dripper clogging, root penetration, sloping fields or orchards, poor water quality, low water pressure and more. In our products, technology and clever solutions are used to overcome these challenges. Solutions come in the form of pressure-compensated drippers, high durability driplines, fully automatic self-cleaning disc filters and new screen filters, ultrasonic bulk water meters, reliable and durable sprinklers and much more.

Netafim’s success is built on 3 pillars, its quality products, the expertise of its employees and the years of accumulated knowledge and experience with which the products are applied.

Given the strong reliance on expertise, the Netafim sales team is structured as technical advisors, rather than sales consultants. We sell our products through a network of dealers, while the agronomy team offers unique agronomic support.

Netafim believes that it can make a difference not only as a technology provider, but also as a promoter of more sustainable practices. This is why Netafim wants to drive mass adoption of precision irrigation solutions to fight the scarcity of food, water and land.

The Netafim offer

The Netafim offer includes a wide range of leading irrigation and complementary solutions across all crops, conditions and terrains. This includes drippers and driplines, micro- and macro-sprinklers, valves, filters, water meters, crop management technology (CMT) and ever-developing digital farming solutions

Drip products

Open field integral dripper lines

Pressure compensating:

  • UniRam™
  • DripNet PC™
  • UniTechline

Non-pressure compensating:

  • Aries™
  • Typhoon™ Plus
  • Streamline™ X

Undercover online button drippers

  • Woodpecker PC
  • PC Junior

Online dripper accessories:

  • Netbow™
  • Spiders assembly / arrow dripper
  • White Blind Pipe

Sprinkler products



  • SuperNet™
  • GyroNet™
  • GyroSA
  • VibroNet™ SD


  • MegaNet™
  • GyroNet™ Turbo
  • D-Net™

Undercover sprinklers

  • SpinNet™
  • VibroNet™ UD


  • CoolNet™ Pro

Complementary products


Arkal disc filters

  • AlphaDisc™

Manual filters:

  • 50 mm Dual Light
  • 50 mm Dual
  • 80 mm Twin

Spin Klin filters:

  • 50 mm Jasper
  • 80 mm Ruby
  • 80 mm Apollo Angle
  • 100 mm Apollo Twin

Screen filters

  • Screenguard™ (Manual, semi-automatic, automatic)

A.R.I valves

  • Air valves and check valves

Flow meters


  • Arad MultiJet
  • Arad IRT
  • Arad WST
  • Arad Octave


  • Fert SF
  • Fert

Hydraulic valves

  • AquaNet™
  • Netafim™ plastic and metal hydraulic valves

Flexible pipes

  • FlexNet™

Digital farming solutions

NMC legacy products

  • NMC Pro
  • NMC Pro Climate
  • NMC Junior Pro


  • NetaJet 4G™
  • FertiKit 3G™
  • FertiKit 3G™ Online
  • Nutridoser – V 3 x 400
  • Nutridoser – V 1 x 400 / 1 x 1000
  • MixRite

Drip kits

NetaKit™ and FDS™


  • DripK
  • FDS™ (Family Drip System™)


  • SprinK

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Head Office General Enquiries
Netafim House, Industrial Avenue, Kraaifontein 7570
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Agriplas Automation

agriplasOur Product Range

At AGRIPLAS, we produce the most effective solutions to your irrigation needs from driplines, micro sprinklers, valves and filters, to sophisticated automation systems to assist the continual management of water. AGRIPLAS is the only South African manufacturer of both flat and cylindrical driplines.

AGRIPLAS aims for continuous development and improvement of its products. It now has the best technology and pipe manufacturing equipment to ensure service excellence.

Our products are manufactured from the toughest materials available and designed to ensure reliability and extended life-span without sacrificing easy maintenance.

DRIP IRRIGATION l VERED l IDIT l LIN l ADI l VARDIT l GALI Emitters l SUPERTIF Online Drippers l Button Drippers
MICRO SPRINKLERS l Gulf l Rondo l Statojet l Senninger Wobbles l Farm Impact
FILTERS l AMIAD Tagline l AMIAD Filtomat l AMIAD Steel Filters l Sand Filters l SIGMA Mini l SIGMA Pro l Black Plastic
INLINE VALVES l Gulf Control Valves l Hydraulic Accessories
AIR VALVES l Unirain
AUTOMATION l Gulf 600 l Flushman l Wireless Controllers l GALCON l WATER 3000 l NUTRI CONTROL



Head Office, Cape Town
13 La Belle Road, Stikland
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+27 21 9177200

Donkerhoek Data


Quality Software. Exceptional Service.

Over the past 38 years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. We believe that this is the result of delivering quality software and hardware products, by using the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards.

At Donkerhoek Data, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality product at a fair price. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed.

Our products include Payroll Management software, Time & Attendance systems, Real-time and Remote clocking, Farm Management software, Soil Moisture Management software and hardware, as well as Fuel Management solutions.

Our solutions are user-friendly, practical and reliable, offering a product of the highest standard. Our Software generates accurate information, maximising efficiency and promoting cost savings.

Head Office
Simondium Guild, R45, Simondium 7670
021 874 1047