SABI, the South African Irrigation Institute, strives to provide better irrigation standards and norms in ensuring the optimal use of irrigation water, as a scarce natural resource.

SABI has more than 450 members that include inter alia designers, engineers, soil scientists, crop experts, economists and irrigation farmers. Furthermore, there are more than 50 company members, which represent mainly manufacturers and suppliers of irrigation equipment.

SABI regularly presents irrigation courses in co-operation with the private sector, universities, research organisations and agricultural colleges. Company members provide training on practical aspects of irrigation, such as installation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems. View our 2019 Irrigation Wise Academy Training Brochure below.

SABI – Your guarantee for appropriate irrigation technology

SABI exists as an association so that all irrigation and water stakeholders who are part of SABI do better as a community than they would have done if SABI did not exist.



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