Absolute Aquaculture Africa


We are Aqua-Culture technology providers and Bio-technological Consultants. We started operations in South Africa with the clear purpose to:

“Create, develop and stimulate a sustainable Aqua-Culture industry for Africa through providing cutting edge technology and professional advice”

Our secondary goal was to develop aqua-culture as an alternative food source and creating work for Africa.

Our company consists out of a Construction, Technology and Installation Team, Bio-technology Consultant Team, Aqua Culture Management Team and Fish Biologists.

Our expertise, knowledge and services include the establishment of aqua and marine production plants for catfish, tilapia, abalone, lobster, yellow tail, shrimps, mussels, crustaceans and clams. We have designed and installed turn key projects at IntensiveRecirculation Farms, Semi-Intensive Farms, Cage Farms and Extensive Farms. We consult to existing farmers, redesign existing farms and supply individual value-adding equipment. We currently operate in South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenia, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana.

Advantages of our products – Intensive Circulation Units – are:

  • In-expensive to operate.
  • Controls the biggest input costs being FEED.
  • Easy to manage – thorough training is provided.
  • Fish can be stocked at a high density.
  • Most of the equipment is locally manufactured.
  • Projects are not weather sensitive.
  • Equipment has a proven track record.

Our extensive product range includes:

  •  Aeration Equipment and Oxygenation Equipment.
  • Circulation Equipment.
  • Electric or Manual Feeders.
  • Filtration (Bio Block, Belt filter, Fluidized bed filter, Foam Fractionators).
  • Fish Pumps and Fish Graders (Sorting Machine).
  • Propeller Pumps and Sludge Pumps.

The seven principles of our aqua-marine systems are:

  • Aeration
  • Circulation
  • Degassing
  • Destratification
  • Foam Fractionation
  • Oxygenation
  • Water and Bottom Cleaning

Examples of our product range include:


Innovation continues with an efficient, useful, simple and economical protein skimmer.

  • Remove bacteria and dissolved organic matter.
  • Capacity 100 m³ hour.
  • Filtration below 1 micron.
  • Aerate and circulate.
  • Fix or floating installation.
  • Foam condensates at required density.
  • Foam liquifies mechanically without any water spray.
  • Foam or condensate removed under pressure, by gravity or mechanically.
  • Electric motor: Rpm 2800 – HP 1.5 – Kw 1.1. Height 150cm – Width 150cm – Diameter 100cm – Weight 95kg.
  • Accessories: Centrifugal system to liquify foam, foam pump, floats, cover.


  • Light weight easy to handle. Simply one person can carry and install the unit.
  • Corrosion proof. Suitable for use in salt water or fresh water.
  • Easy and low cost maintenance. Can be serviced by the user.
  • Double propeller high flow capacity performance on 1400 rpm models.
  • Single propeller for fountain like water stream.
  • CE certified.
  • Energy efficient for successful water quality management with no bottom turbulence.


  • Elimination of loss in movement of water products and improvement in growth, production and quality.
  • Stirring up of well oxygenated and naturally nourishing water flows.
  • Decrease of plankton death-rate.
  • Reactivation of contaminated and poor water and sounding reviving.
  • Removal of deposits and fish dejections, avoiding organic pollution and formation of decomposition gas.
  • Elimination of smells, related to anaerobic decomposition.
  • Checking of algae overproductions.


  • Constant and uniform temperature and oxygen between depth and surface.
  • Constant water quality.
  • Sudden changes in temperature avoided.
  • Uniform salinity rate.
  • Ice formation avoided.
Head Office
Ingo Beckert
Paarl, Western Cape
+ 27 82 5698906