Global beverage alcohol rebounds, with value reaching US$1.17 trillion

10 June 2022. New IWSR data reinforces alcohol’s resilience and status as an affordable luxury, as value growth significantly outpaces volume growth. Read more…


3 June 2022. Consumers can look forward to exceptional quality wines from a smaller 2022 South African wine grape crop.

Five Turning Points in the Evolution of Wine

2 June 2022. Contrary to popular belief, the evolution of wine precedes agriculture and the domestication of grapes. Read more…

Shining a Light on South African Wine

18 May 2022. South Africa bridges the Old and New Worlds of wine, but it also has some unqiue challenges. Read more…

Wine Closures—An Open Discussion

16 February 2022. There are a plethora of closure options for producers—all of which have different strengths and weaknesses in terms of the ability to preserve wine for long or short periods, consumer perception, and environmental impact. Read more…

Strong Pre-Harvest Interest in 2022 Southern Hemisphere Whites

15 February 2022. As the wine world begins to come to terms with a Post-Covid-19, ‘new normal’, buyers of bulk wine consider the opportunities and challenges that face them. Read more…

Wine´s Green Efforts Aim at Wrong Targets

3 December 2021. Is the future the past?  Read more…

How the world aided South Africa’s wine trade

28 October 2021. South Africa has suffered greater than most countries during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has reported three times as many cases as any other African country, and many of the government’s attempts to curb the virus – closing borders, prohibiting or restricting the domestic sale of alcohol, and banning the transport of goods to the country’s ports – have had a damaging impact on the wine industry. Read more…

Govt’s reliance on alcohol restrictions “immensely damaging”

26 October 2021. Speaking at the announcement of Pick n Pay’s financial results on Wednesday, chairman Gareth Ackerman said the retailer is concerned that the Covid-19-related state of disaster is being “used by elements of government to address liquor policy issues without resorting to the constitutional processes”. Read more…

SA Wine Industry News

14 October 2021. Share your views on the future of SA Wine: 3 & 4 November 2021.

As the South African wine industry is reviving, recovering and rebuilding from the pandemic, we continuously align our actions with the WISE strategic goals towards 2025. Join the discussion and share your views when the wine industry bodies talk about the way forward, and the solutions and best practices that will get us there.

3 November 2021: Aan De Doorns Cellar, Worcester
4 November 2021: Joostenberg Vlakte, Stellenbosch
TIME: 09:00 – 13:00
COST: R300 per person


  • The WISE roadmap towards 2025
  • SA wine industry scenarios going forward
  • Expand SA wine’s global footprint
  • Cultivate a loyal (and growing) local market
  • Shift towards an inclusive, transformed and responsible wine value-chain

Representatives of Vinpro, SAWIS, WoSA, SAWITU, Winetech, WIETA and the SA Brandy Foundation will join the discussion.


Deadline for registrations: 27 October 2021.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only a limited number of persons (120) can be accommodated.
Registration is compulsory and on a first come, first served basis.

Kim Scholtz
Tel: 021 276 0429