9 January 2019 – SABI Irrigation Wise Academy Training Brochure 2019. Read more…

SABI Training Brochure

17 January 2018 – SABI IrrigationWise Academy offers a range of training programmes to boost
optimum irrigation practices and water conservation in South Africa and the
continent. The Academy’s focus is on boosting technical and engineering skills in
both the agricultural and landscape sectors at all levels of operation. The Academy’s
programme are in-line with the objectives of SABI, the recognised representative
organisation of the irrigation industry in South Africa. Read more…

Multi-Color Corporation News

EnviroLabel™ is the sustainable choice in self-adhesive label paper stocks. Developed specifically for the wine industry, EnviroLabel™ is the first 100% recycled label stock that equals the whiteness and visual appeal of traditional uncoated papers, while delivering moisture and ice-bucket performance. Produced from 100% recycled certified pulp, the chlorine-free face stock is laminated onto fully recyclable PET liner. Read more…