SA liquor industry partners with Community Policing Forums

28 August 2020. As part of its alcohol harm-reduction initiatives, the South African liquor industry is working with Community Policing Forums (CPF) in targeted hotspot areas in four provinces. The initiative, called Project Mpipa, aims to assist CPF to step up their compliance monitoring and reduce the incidents of alcohol-related gender-based violence (GBV). Read more…

Alcohol industry to invest R150m in alcohol harm-reduction programmes

21 August 2020. The investment is to focus on upscaling existing programmes and finding new, innovative measures to deal with key areas of concern. Read more…

SA alcohol ban inconsistent with global Covid-19 response – industry

30 July 2020. In addition to inconsistency with the global approach to containing the epidemic, Mngadi said the decision of 12 July 2020 to ban alcohol sales with immediate effect was based on data that is incomplete and two decades old. Read more…

Is red wine good for your heart?

27 July 2020. Yes, but only in moderation. Read more…

Alcohol ban: South Africa needs to act smarter

27 July 2020. Read more…

Wine and health — why is there so much argument, pro and con?

29 June 2020. We all know that every second media report extolls the health benefits of wine, while every alternate one warns us of the evils of wine (see Health effects of wine). This leads to confusion among the populace, even engendering cynicism. However, leaving aside the idea that the various authors might have their own agenda when writing their articles, this situation is not actually unexpected. Read more…

The impact of Covid-19 on food security in Africa

17 June 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all sectors of economies globally. Here in Africa, the crisis has drastically impacted food security. Supply chains, food and nutrition security, as well as current and future production functions, have been negatively impacted by a host of factors related to the Covid-19 crisis. Read more…

Covid-19 and food safety: Are SA’s food handling regulations up to scratch?

27 May 2020. Fortunately South Africa’s food production safety standards have already progressed to a point that most of the steps required to safeguard consumer safety are already in place. Read more…

What should South Africa’s coronavirus endgame look like?

7 May 2020. Here are some options. Read more…

Statistics South Africa Rapid Response Survey on the Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown.

21 April 2020.

Results of a Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) rapid response survey on the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on businesses have been released.

According to a statement, businesses were asked how the current crisis affected their operations in the two-week period from 30 March to 13 April 2020.

The report indicates that five in six businesses surveyed experienced a drop in turnover over the reference period.

Outcomes include:

• 85,4% of businesses surveyed reported turnover below the normal range.
• Businesses most affected by lower than expected turnover include construction, real estate and other business services, and transport industries.
• 42,2% of respondents expressed doubts that they have the financial resources to continue operating through the COVID-19 outbreak.
• 54,0% of respondents indicated that they can survive without turnover between 1 to 3 months.
• Businesses with highest levels of temporary closure or paused trading activity include construction, manufacturing, trade and mining.
• 65,0% of businesses anticipate that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a worse impact on their business than the 2008/09 global financial crisis.

Please visit Sabinet’s COVID – 19 page  to get free access to the full list of relevant Gazettes as well as the updated and consolidated version of the Disaster Management Act 52 of 2002 Act and its Regulations.

Report by Nick Garvie