South Africa Raises Forecast for Record 2017 Corn Harvest

28 July 2017 – Growers will probably reap 15.97 million metric tons of corn in the 2017 season. That’s more than double the 7.78 million tons produced a year earlier when the worst drought since records began more than a century ago reduced the harvest to a nine-year low. Read more…

The World Population

27 July 2017 – The ten countries with the largest population in the world today are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico. Read more…

New approaches and sustainable partnerships will enhance food security in Africa

25 July 2017 – Africa will this year continue to be home to some of the fastest-growing cities thanks to the continent’s large young population seeking jobs and improved livelihoods. However, a key challenge associated with rapidly urbanising populations is a chronic food insecurity problem that is aggravated by a lack of sufficient property rights, […]

The Four Successful Types Of Wine Tourism

24 July 2017 – First, take the “supply side” of wine tourism, the wineries and on the “demand side” of wine tourism you have the wine tourist. Read more… .

Agri Expo News: The Big Farm Taste – from goat to beer!

24 July 2017 – The Big Farm Taste – from goat to beer!  Cheese, wine, craft beer, boergoat meat, “skaapstertjies”, tripe and ice cream . . . all these delicacies and more awaits you at the Big Farm Taste on Saturday 14 October 2017 on the farm Sandringham outside Stellenbosch.  Agri-Expo, organiser of the popular […]