Dam levels South Africa

12 September 2019. The Department of Water and Sanitation has declared that South Africa has enough water to last until the next rainy season, but only if citizens continue to use the precious resource with care. Read more…

African Livestock Trade Fair (ALFA) News

12 September 2019. ALFA is a trade expo that represents the various facets of the livestock industry and presents its value chains from a trade and technological perspective. This livestock-focused trade expo will take place at the Afridome Showgrounds in Parys from 17 to 19 September 2019.

SA concludes trade deal with UK in case of no-deal Brexit

12 September 2019. SA and five other countries in the southern African region had clinched a deal that would give the African states a soft landing in case of a no-deal Brexit. The deal ensures that trade continues as normal with the UK regardless of whether the country leaves the EU with a deal, without […]

Agri-Expo News

11 September 2019. Best in livestock industry gather at Agri-Expo. The South African livestock industry will soon gather for Agri-Expo Livestock at Sandringham outside Stellenbosch, presented for the sixth time this year, from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 October 2019. The event is considered a unique opportunity where the public can experience the total value […]

Brexit Fears Grow for UK Wine Trade

11 September 2019. The installation of a gung-ho Brexiteer at the helm of Britain’s government hasn’t helped the trade’s confidence. Read more…

South Africa: Red tape bars berry exports

6 September 2019. The economic discussion document released by the Treasury last week is a welcome statement of intent, particularly the proposed increase in agricultural exports over the next 10 years. Read more…