E-commerce Day set to boost e-commerce sector in South Africa

1 March 2021. South Africa’s e-commerce sector has experienced 100% year-on-year growth since January 2020, giving local entrepreneurs an incredible opportunity to build strong, sustainable e-commerce businesses that cater to the needs and purchasing preferences of the country’s future consumers. Read more…

SA Dairy Championships News

26 February 2021 MEDIA RELEASE SA Dairy Championships attracts almost 900 entries  Nearly 900 dairy products compete in the 2021 South African Dairy Championships, the largest and oldest dairy competition in Africa, which takes place from Thursday 25 to Friday 26 February 2021. The championships judging returned to Elsenburg outside Stellenbosch this year after 17 […]

Why it pays to link products to places – and how African countries can do it

24 February 2021. Around the world, people commonly associate certain foods and products with particular geographical areas. These products are known for characteristics like aroma, flavour, and the traditional knowledge systems used to make them. Legal and agricultural scholars speak of these characteristics as terroir. Read more…

Safeguarding the well-being of SA’s agricultural workers

23 February 2021. Agriculture played a major role in softening the economic blow of the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, but the businesses throughout the entire agricultural value chain will have to take care of workers proactively to ensure that the industry takes it rightful place as an indispensable partner in the rebuilding of the […]

South African grapes: “It’s not a vintage year”

22 February 2021. There’s just not been strong demand from any market in the Far East for table grapes, traders say, and in China they’re hoping the many containers of Chilean cherries that went unsold before Chinese New Year will have been absorbed by the end of February. Read more…