Alcohol industry welcomes opening of trade for home consumption

26 May 2020. Industry bodies like the South African Liquor Brand Owners Association (SALBA), the Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) and VinPro have been engaging with Government to develop practical trading proposals that will support Government’s Covid-19 objectives. Read more…

Return: A new muscle, not just a plan

22 May 2020. Return is not a phase; it’s a way of operating. A nerve center can help build the capabilities that businesses need in the “next normal.” Four forces that will mold the next normal. Read more…

Hortgro News

19 May 2020. Covid-19: Update of important information / Opdatering van belangrike inligting Covid Communique 29

Covid-19 impact on trade and labour in the fresh fruit, vegetable industry

19 May 2020. The new normal is both a daunting and exhausting topic, one that many people are tired of hearing about, or approach with trepidation. One fact about discussing “the new normal” that may bring comfort to some is that millions of people around the globe are discussing what that may look like. Organisations […]

A positive outlook for SA’s agricultural exports

19 May 2020. Since about 2014, South Africa has fortunately remained a net exporter of beef so, from a food security perspective, the closures of certain plants in key exporting countries presents minimal risk to us. From an export perspective, trade without our key partners remains on a solid footing. Read more…