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The wine industry’s Export Task Team has after the unexpected announcement yesterday that the transport of wine to port is no longer allowed, initiated urgent discussions with relevant National and Provincial Government Departments and related parties. This in an effort to obtain clarity and to ensure that a balance is struck between the safety of people and essential commerce.

These deliberations will continue over the weekend and we will keep you informed as new information becomes available with tangible outcomes.


Please continue to practice due care with regard to health and safety measures when transporting agri-workers. The SAPS and other law-officials are strict in this regard.

When you and/or members of your business are travelling, please make sure that everyone has a legal permit, ID-document and that the driver has a CIPC-certificate.

Note companies registered to perform essential services during the nationwide lockdown will need new certificates for the extended period from 17 to 30 April 2020.

The certificate will be sent via email to companies who registered prior to the extension using the details provided at the time of registration, from 17 April and continuing into the weekend. It will also be available for download. Certificates issued before 17 April will no longer be valid and must be disposed of, and new certificates need to be displayed from start of business on Monday, 20 April 2020.
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SAWIS will continue to draw samples of market-ready wine, destined for the export market, for analysis purposes as part of the industry’s harvesting and storage activities. Refer to the wine export Q&A and SAWIS directive in this regard. As the situation remains fluid, SAWIS will continue to deliberate on these matters in collaboration with the Export Task Team and the Wine and Spirit Board and communicate any changes to the working procedures.

We will keep you updated on any further developments as they unfold.

Offer of assistance to businesses in the Stellenbosch area – Werksmans Attorneys
Please note, this is not a WoSA initiative, we are merely sharing this on behalf of Werksmans Attorneys.

South Africa has implemented one of the more strict COVID-19 lockdown regimes worldwide. While this is an important step to safeguard the health of South Africans and flatten the curve, the lockdown also has serious consequences for businesses, in particular small and medium sized enterprises.

Government (in collaboration with the private sector) has put in place a number of economic relief measures and funds to help mitigate the impact of the lockdown on the South African economy.  These relief measures and funds have different focus areas and specific qualification criteria and processes which must be followed in order to apply for aid and support.  Due to the pace at which the current pandemic has evolved (and the consequent changes being made to the legal landscape), as well as the sheer volume of information which is available, we have found that many businesses are finding it difficult to know what support is available to them, which fund/s to apply to, what the qualification criteria and application process are, etc.

Werksmans are aware that many businesses in Stellenbosch and its surrounding areas have been, and will for some time continue to be, adversely affected by the current lockdown.  With this in mind, we would like to offer our assistance to affected businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises, by providing them (at no cost) with details of the key funds and schemes available to their particular industry and businesses more generally, along with details of the main qualification criteria and where these funds and schemes can be accessed.  This would be done by way of email correspondence with dedicated members of our team.  Should a particular business require more detailed advice after this initial guidance, we will at that stage discuss engaging on a more formal basis.

Please note that the deadline for applications to the Agricultural Disaster Support Fund for Smallholder and Communal Farmers is 22 April 2020.

Werksmans have also, as a firm, written and published various articles regarding the legal impacts of the COVID-19 corona virus which may be of assistance to affected businesses.  These articles can be accessed at https://www.werksmans.com/covid-19-legal-updates/.

If you believe that the above offer may be of assistance contact: jmeiring@werksmans.com (Janéne Meiring) and jhollesen@werksmans.com (Janine Hollesen).


Kind regards,

WoSA Team

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