South African citrus exports to EU increased 5%

South African citrus exports to EU increased 5%

The 2016 South African citrus season has come and gone. The 2016 crop was down 8%, largely due to drought. The export to Europe increased by 5.1% in a total of an 8% lower crop.

Year Total SA export EU/UK volume % crop
2014 112.0 m cartons 40.1 m cartons 36%
2015 118.3 m cartons 43.4 m cartons 36,7%
2016 109.2 m cartons 45.7 m cartons 41.8%
  1. “If one assesses citrus exports to Europe [UK included], SA has in all respects had a stunning year. This with a growth from 36.7 to 42% of the exported citrus fruit ending up here and a net carton growth of 2.3 million cartons during a year, with a 9.1 million carton drop in total exports. This to the market where a potential doomsday scenario of closure was facing us in 2012/13, due to CBS. This year’s CBS interception count of 4 must have seemed like a different world compared to the past 3 years of 2013 [35], 2014 [27] and 2015 [15]”, Deon Joubert, from Citrus Growers Association in South Africa, reported.

South Africa changed the situation, from possibly stopping exporting to Europe in 2012/13 altogether, into what is now a stable export destination. “This achievement came over a period when fellow citrus exporting 3rd countries to the EU experienced rising CBS interceptions. So is SA now the best of the “defaulters”? This status is unsatisfactory because although we are relatively “safe” for the moment, these problems can raise their ugly heads again very quickly if left unattended.”

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Publication date: 12/9/2016

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