CIOPORA AGM 2019 Focuses on IP for Plants in South Africa, China and the US

4 April 2019

CIOPORA, the international association of breeders of asexually reproduced ornamental and fruit varieties, brings plant breeders, Intellectual property (IP) experts and governmental delegates from over 20 countries to Stellenbosch/Somerset West, South Africa, for learning, debating and networking on IP for plant innovations.

April 1, Stellenbosch/Somerset West – the latest developments in the national Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) regimes of China, South Africa and the US are in the center of attention at the CIOPORA’s 58th Annual General Meeting that is being held April 1 through April 5 in Stellenbosch/Somerset West, South Africa.

The objective of the meeting is to provide the plant breeder community with a comprehensive update on the latest developments in IP protection for plants and to facilitate the exchange of information about enforcement of the plant-related IP rights worldwide between the green sector, legal experts and governments.

Currently 120 delegates from 20 countries are attending this meeting in Somerset West. They represent breeders who license fruit and flower varieties worldwide, producing crops that also contribute to the sustainable development and competitiveness of South African horticulture.

CIOPORA aims to ensure that Plant Breeders’ Rights are fair, effective and enforceable, enabling breeders to develop new varieties that are able to cope with a changing environment and ensure sustainably produced products for an ever growing population. Sapo Trust, Citrogold and TopFruit (via A.I.G.N.) are the South African members of the association. Along with 120 CIOPORA members and guests from over 20 countries, CIOPORA’s AGM invitation was accepted by several high-level governmental delegations, including the officials from the People’s Republic of China, the EU, and the US. The meetings will serve as a platform for knowledge transfer and establishment of a productive dialogue between governments and businesses as to potential improvement and further harmonization of the PBR regimes across various jurisdictions.

The full week’s program includes the CIOPORA Academy Workshop on April 1, the Administrative meeting on April 2, the IP Around the Globe panel discussion and the Enforcement Symposium on April 3, the CIOPORA Conference dedicated to various aspects of the green business in newly industrialized countries on April 4, and the business visits hosted by Provar and Future Fynbos on April 5. END

The governmental guests of the CIOPORA AGM 2019 include:

From People’s Republic of China – the Supreme People’s Court Judge Ms Luo Xia; Director of Plant Variety Protection Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) Dr Cui Yehan; Deputy Director General of the Department of Science and Technology, National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NFGA) Dr Du Jishan.

From the US: the Deputy Administrator, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dr Ruihong Guo; Director of the USPTO IP Attaché Program Mr Dominic Keating.

From the EU: the CPVO Vice-President Mr Francesco Mattina;

From the UPOV: Vice Secretary-General of UPOV Mr Peter Button.


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CIOPORA is the International Association of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties. Breeders of such varieties account for two-thirds of all Plant Variety Rights (PVR) titles in the world. For more than 50 years, CIOPORA has represented these breeders in all matters of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection


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Citrogold (Pty) Ltd is a cultivar management company identifying, developing and commercializing horticultural intellectual property in South Africa with a focus on citrus and subtropical varieties.

Citrogold is leading manager of plant varieties with PVRs in South

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