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Pyrotec PackMedia offers innovative on-pack informational and promotional solutions that allow our clients to take their packaging to the next level. These include Fix-a-Form® Extended Text Labels that maximise packaging space.

Some clients want to include more information on-pack for legal reasons or use multiple languages on one leaflet-label; while others want to boost sales with on-pack promotional devices or innovative pack display mechanisms.

We provide solutions in the following categories:

  • Extended Text Labels – Informational Fix-a-Form® and Butterfly Labels
  • Extended Text Labels – Promotional Fix-a-Form® and Wing Labels
  • On-Pack Promotional Devices – ElastiTag®
  • Merchandising Solutions – Do-It® Hang Tabs

All of these are designed to optimise packaging space, boost sales and provide unlimited potential for cost savings, waste reduction and increased operational efficiencies.

Examples of Extended Text Labels


For Fix-a-Form® Extended Text labels, contact us on 021 787 9600 or today to find out what Pyrotec PackMedia can do for your business.

The following articles provide further information about examples of our capabilities:

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