Knowing your competitor and competitive environment

IBIS is a leading South African-based company that has been specialising in Competitive Intelligence related services since 1997. IBIS is a pioneer in the development and awareness of Competitive Intelligence in South Africa.

Our services not only include the implementation of Competitive Intelligence in client companies but also market, industry, products and competitor research and analysis.

The IBIS management and staff include persons with extensive experience at senior level in the formal intelligence environment as well as experts with business and research background. We enjoy wide acclaim locally and internationally.

We have experience in the development and implementation of Competitive Intelligence systems for companies in a variety of sectors. We render a one-stop-service that includes CI Audit; key intelligence needs determination; planning a system and capacity that would suit a client’ challenges and requirements and implementing and developing an independent self-sustainable Competitive Intelligence capacity.

At the core of our capabilities is our methodological approach to all our clients’ challenges. Making use of secondary research as a launching pad, we add unique value through intensive primary research through interviews and other methods.  Our products and services are focused on our clients’ intelligence needs and research only starts once we have thoroughly explored the key information requirements. Our numerous satisfied clients are testimony of our diligence and thoroughness.

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We are experts in Research & Analysis

  •  CI Analysis

Information alone cannot provide the full, integrated picture of a company’s competitive environment. Information needs to be verified, analysed and interpreted to give it strategic meaning. Turning data and information into intelligence requires a process of analysis and this calls for specialised skills and insight. Intelligence analysis is the process and product of turning known information about situations into probable outcomes, impact and meaning. BIS provides such bespoke and unique analysis skills to its clients. No two Competitive Intelligence analysis assignments are the same and IBIS’ unique ability to understand our clients’ intelligence needs sets us apart. None of our products are generic and we are experienced in the following products:

  • Industry analysis

Our Industry Analysis products provide a structural analysis and outline of an industry, its participants and characteristics. The objective is to identify the profit potential of an industry; uncover the forces that would harm profitability; protect competitive advantage; extend competitive advantage and proactively anticipate changes in industry structure.

  • SWOT analysis

The objective is to assess the fit between a company’s strategy, its internal capabilities and external possibilities. Various strategic focus areas are identified.

  • Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential rivals. Competitor profiling has four broad purposes namely to identify competitors’ future strategies and plans; to predict competitors’ likely reactions to competitive initiatives; to determine the match between a competitor’s strategy and capabilities; and to understand a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Macro-environment analysis

Industries and companies function within the wider macro-environment. Elements in this competitive environment can significantly impact on the competitiveness and therefore companies should track changes brought about by economic, political, legislative, social-cultural and technological forces and natural/physical resources.

  • Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder analysis systematically identifies important groups of people or individuals who can exert a significant amount of influence on the organisation and its competitors.

  • Trend analysis

This type of analysis focuses on specific trends and the impact on decision-making.

  • Estimative / Forecast analysis

Utilising and combining the elements of intelligence analysis tradecraft, complimented by information-enriching techniques such as war games, brainstorming and discussion groups, possible and probable future scenarios are defined.

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Camara Consulting


Camara Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a multidivisional business software and web development company.

Founded by Carlos Camara in 1995, Camara Consulting has gone from strength to strength both in terms of the scope of our software services and our ability to cater to every client’s individual requirements.

Our services include:

  1. Software development.
  2. Credit Checking.
  3. Systems Integration.
  4. Wesite Development.
  5. Website Hosting.
  6. SEO & SEM.

We provide custom and commercial software products for various organizations. We have successfully delivered applications for a number of industry sectors including the Telecommunications industry, the Health Care industry, the Financial Sector, and the Asset Management industry, and our products include Billing Systems, Accounting Software and Credit Checking Systems to name a few.

Camara Consulting is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of both customer satisfaction and technological innovation. We pride ourselves on our one on one approach to development. Our multiplatform development skills, combined with a diverse group of uniquely talented individuals make Camara Consulting the intelligent solution to all your business software development needs.

Our Web development team is both highly skilled and creatively driven, creating websites that appeal to both users and business owners alike. Our sites are all built using Joomla and Word Press Opensource Content Management Systems. It has both a Front End which users and visitors to the site will see when browsing your site, and an online Back End, which is secured by a password protected login. The Back End allows you to update your own content quickly and easily within the frameworks provided without needing to consult a developer. Saving you time, money and the added frustration that goes with it!

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Donkerhoek Data


Quality Software. Exceptional Service.

Donkerhoek Data’s software is the result of 33 years’ experience in the South African IT arena.

We are an innovative and dynamic IT company and a leader in the field of specialized software for the Agricultural and Business sectors. Our capabilities include developing & supporting software as well as advanced technical and hardware services. Our products include Management Solutions – Payroll and Time Systems, Cellar Management, Farm Management Africa, Water Management – Aquacheck and Fuel Management Systems. Optional hardware to complement our products is also available.

Head Office
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