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Our primary focus is to provide ‘self-adhesive solutions’ to customers in the market place via the following range of products:

Flexo printed labels

Label and Print Technologies flexo print up to 6 colour, “picture perfect” self-adhesive labels. Over laminating and UV facilities are also offered in order to protect the printed image further. Once the origination charges (plate costs) are out of the way, flexo printing provides a very “budget friendly” way to present simple, high quality, colourful labels to the market place.

Digital printed labels

A fully fledged digital printing press allows low volume, high quality labels to be printed without the origination costs of printing plates. Examples of areas covered include wine, spice and champagne labels. All we require is a .pdf and we can start printing.

 Blank Labels

Self-adhesive blank labels are used in thermal transfer printers and are provided in roll format. All the usual material qualities are supplied: Thermal, Semi-Gloss, Matt and Synthetics such as Polypropylene, Synthermal and ESPMarine.

Thermal transfer ribbons

Conversion of imported jumbo thermal transfer rolls (wax and resin) into smaller ribbons for use in most makes of thermal transfer printers including Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Argox, Godex, Intermec etc.

Thermal transfer printers

LPT sells two makes of printers, Argox and Godex, which are budget friendly and at the same time match the qualities of more illustrious competitors.

All products are supplied nationally and have a lead time of 3-5 working days ex-factory in Cape Town.

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Multi-Color Corporation

A true global label solution provider, Multi-Color Corporation is one of the largest label companies in the world in the following market segments: Healthcare, Home & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Specialty (Automotive & Consumer Durables), and Wine & Spirits. With approximately 5,000 dedicated employees, we operate 50 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities servicing over 20 countries today.

Established in 1916 and headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Multi-Color Corporation has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most awarded label printers today supporting the world’s most prominent brands. In 2016, Multi-Color celebrated its 100th year in business! Today, Multi-Color services our primary market segments around the world through operations in the North America, Latin America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific regions.


MCC works diligently to provide our customers with the right label solution, regardless of decoration or print technology. This solution must align with your hierarchy of needs as it relates to their primary labels. This packaging component is often “the face” of the visual brand and is the single most important packaging element.

Whether its comparing the most competitive technologies through price, deciding on additional functionality requirements to engage end-use consumers, or to simply add visual brand appeal to get noticed on shelf, MCC has the market expertise and resource network to deliver your best label solution.

MCC continues to pioneer new standards for printed premium packaging. We have a comprehensive range of innovations for Promotional, Cost Saving, and Security benefits. These include:

Wine Find™

“The silent salesperson, selling 24 hours a day”


Multi-Color Wine Find™ is a unique promotional tool that keeps working 24 hours a day!

Research shows that over 50% of wine consumption involves a new wine experience. Enjoying new wines is one thing; remembering their details at the next purchase opportunity is another. Wine Find™ solves that problem with its unique removable reminder panel, turning your label into a silent sales person.


Foil Art™

“Minute detail, creating an illusion of light & movement”


Beauty, style and security.

Foil Art™ is capable of reproducing the finest and most intricate details, to enhance your label design, appeal and uniqueness. Foil Art™ can be over-printed with inks to further enhance images for a stunning effect. It offers the utmost in creative applications. The intricate detail offers brand security applications by using fine type, logos or patterns. View the examples in the leaves for an appreciation of this exciting innovation.

Foil Art™ turns over a new leaf in innovation!


“The ultimate in brand protection & anti-counterfeiting security”


The future of anti-counterfeiting brand protection technology is here. MCC, in conjunction with one of the world’s leading DNA specialists have exclusively developed the most advanced brand security printing applications available.

Multi-Color Labels DNA coded labels offer a virtually impenetrable barrier to counterfeiting with over one trillion possible variants from one DNA source. Consumer confidence and product authenticity can now be guaranteed.

The ability to electronically read the unique spectral signature in the label allows product verification and tracking ability.

Multi-Color Labels DNA-SmartMark™ – the world’s finest choice in Brand Security.

Star Dust™

“The tradition of bronze combined with the latest in print technology”


Take your labels to new heights with Bronze Stardust™.

Combining the tradition of Bronze with the latest in offset printing technology, Stardust™ provides creative offset flexibility unlike anything before it.

Combining a multitude of bronze tones, variable bronze density and any base colour, Bronze Stardust™ offers almost unlimited potential to enhance your label.


”A greener alternative”

EnviroLabel™ is the sustainable choice in self-adhesive label paper stocks. Developed specifically for the wine industry, EnviroLabel™ is the first 100% recycled label stock that equals the whiteness and visual appeal of traditional uncoated papers, while delivering moisture and ice-bucket performance. Produced from 100% recycled certified pulp, the chlorine-free face stock is laminated onto fully recyclable PET liner.

Contact us to see how we can help build your brand!

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Pyrotec PackMedia


Pyrotec PackMedia offers innovative on-pack informational and promotional solutions that allow our clients to take their packaging to the next level. These include Fix-a-Form® Extended Text Labels that maximise packaging space.

Some clients want to include more information on-pack for legal reasons or use multiple languages on one leaflet-label; while others want to boost sales with on-pack promotional devices or innovative pack display mechanisms.

We provide solutions in the following categories:

  • Extended Text Labels – Informational Fix-a-Form® and Butterfly Labels
  • Extended Text Labels – Promotional Fix-a-Form® and Wing Labels
  • On-Pack Promotional Devices – ElastiTag®
  • Merchandising Solutions – Do-It® Hang Tabs

All of these are designed to optimise packaging space, boost sales and provide unlimited potential for cost savings, waste reduction and increased operational efficiencies.

Examples of Extended Text Labels


For Fix-a-Form® Extended Text labels, contact us on 021 787 9600 or today to find out what Pyrotec PackMedia can do for your business.

The following articles provide further information about examples of our capabilities:

Pyrotec PackMedia Video link:

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