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Managing your employment relations and creating a productive workforce in the modern day business climate is becoming more complex, more time consuming and of course, more important.

The key to a successful business enterprise starts with your employees and ensuring that your employment standards and policies are in line with legislation, not only to protect you from unnecessary risk, but to promote a harmonious working environment which will help your business grow.

  • How are you promoting a productive employment environment?
  • How are you keeping up with our complex Labour Law?
  • How are you ensuring that employment standards and policies are complying with the principles set out in the Labour Relations Act, the Employment Equity Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act?

Smith & Whitehead Labour Consult offers you an integrated, consultative and outsourced solution in Labour and Employment Relations, specialising in various areas of:

  • Conducting full Labour / Employment Audits
  • Contracts of Employment
  • UIF and COID Registrations
  • Employment Policies & Procedures
  • Duties of Employers & Employees
  • Disciplinary Hearing & Appeal proceedings
  • Attending to Grievances
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Organisational Development
  • Restructuring & Retrenchments
  • Transfers in terms of section 197 of the LRA
  • Application of various Labour Legislation (BCEA, LRA, EEA)
  • CCMA Assistance

Why outsource?

  1. Cost effective
  2. Minimising time spent by management on labour related issues.
  3. Maximising time spent by management on their own functions.
  4. Keeping management out of “the line of fire” when dealing with employee issues.
  5. Creating space between employer and employee to ensure that labour related matters do not become personal.
  6. Improving performance within your employment ranks.
  7. Mediations between employee and employer.
  8. Handling matters as an objective bystander.
  9. Freeing internal resources for other purposes.

Let us be “your complete labour solution”

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