Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions across Industries

Sanitation services from Sanitech

Sanitech is the leading portable sanitation company in South Africa with branches nationwide. Sanitech has a reputation of service excellence and superior product technology. Sanitech was the first portable toilet hire company to supply sanitation facilities to areas where no sanitation infrastructure existed. We supply, service and manage the rental of portable toilets, mobile ablution units and conservancy tank pumping and operates a fleet of more than 25 000 rental units and 200 vehicles. This enables Sanitech to supply and service locations throughout the country, speedily and efficiently.

Khusela (DST) Dry Sanitation Toilet – The Khusela is an improvement to existing pit latrines that addresses the health and safety shortfalls and servicing problems, whilst ensuring that environmental and underground contamination cannot occur.

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Netafim is the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Since introducing the world’s first drip irrigation solutions in 1965, we have led the way by developing products that help our customers optimize results.

As the world’s population continues to rise and natural resources come under pressure, more efficiency makes more sense than ever. At Netafim, we help our customers produce more yields and better crops with fewer resources.

Dedicated to developing, implementing and supporting targeted solutions for our global customer base, Netafim focuses on the following business lines:

  • Irrigation
  • Greenhouses



Our offerings of irrigation products and services for agriculture and landscape are constantly expanding. And because we work for long-term partnerships with farmers and vendors, our priority is to respond to the specific needs of climate and crops, accurately and effectively.

Agriculture Drip Products

Our diverse drippers and dripper lines offer the industry’s most reliable and cost-effective solutions for sub-surface and on-surface agricultural irrigation:

  • Integral PC Dripperlines
  • Integral Thick/Medium Walled Dripperlines
  • Integral Thin Walled Dripperlines
  • On Line PC Drippers
  • On Line Drippers
  • Other Emitters
  • In Line drippers
  • Arrows drippers
  • Spray Stake

Sprinklers & Micro Sprinklers for Agriculture

Designed for varied crops, our modular sprinklers and micro-sprinklers/emitters are among the most reliable and durable in the market.

  •  PC Micro-Sprinklers/Emitters
  • Micro-Sprinklers/emitters
  • UD Micro-sprinklers/Emitters
  • Mist Emitters
  • Sprayers
  • Sprinklers

Complementary Products

Our irrigation systems include LPS – A Low pressure-system designed for large-scale areas of so far flood-irrigated crops. The system suits crops’ local conditions (leveled areas; low pressures).

  •  Crop Management Technologies – CMT
  • Flexible Pipes
  • Filters & Valves
  • Irrigation systems – NetaKit
  • Accessories & Connectors
  • Agro Machinery Products

For an extensive list of all our Drip, Sprinkler, Micro-Sprinkler and Complementary Products, click here.

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Netafim™ Greenhouse, one of the world’s leading greenhouse solution providers, has accrued vast global experience in providing highly specialized, state-of-the-art greenhouse systems, commercial greenhouses and greenhouse equipment. Our locally based teams tailor high-quality, turnkey greenhouse projects delivering comprehensive solutions for enhancing crops and managing climate control while aiding clients to adhere to their budgets and ensure a return on investment.

Greenhouse projects

Netafim™ greenhouse projects can be found in all climate zones including hot, cold, moderate and tropical climates. Netafim experts adapt the most suitable technology for a wide range of climate zones, market demands and the customer’s financial capabilities. Netafim comprehensive services and solutions include Data Collection, Design, Installation, and After-Sales Service. Netafim projects comprise state-of-the-art technologies for all greenhouse systems

 Greenhouse Structures

Netafim™ offers a wide range of greenhouse structures, suitable for a diverse range of climate conditions:

  • Classic Greenhouses
  • Glass Greenhouses
  • Supreme Greenhouses
  • Tropic Greenhouses
  • Net-Greenhouses
  • Walk-in Tunnels

Greenhouse Technology

We provide innovative in-house technologies and creative greenhouse planning and design directly from the source delivering fine-tuned solutions for:

  • Greenhouse Heating systems
  • Greenhouse Control Systems
  • Greenhouse Irrigation Systems
  • Greenhouse Fertilizer Dosing Systems
  • Greenhouse Project Design, Integration and Installation
  • Greenhouse Drainage water recycling
  • Greenhouse Accessories

For an extensive list of all our Greenhouse Solutions and Products, click here.


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Agriplas Automation

agriplasOur Product Range

At AGRIPLAS, we produce the most effective solutions to your irrigation needs from driplines, micro sprinklers, valves and filters, to sophisticated automation systems to assist the continual management of water. AGRIPLAS is the only South African manufacturer of both flat and cylindrical driplines.

AGRIPLAS aims for continuous development and improvement of its products. It now has the best technology and pipe manufacturing equipment to ensure service excellence.

Our products are manufactured from the toughest materials available and designed to ensure reliability and extended life-span without sacrificing easy maintenance.

DRIP IRRIGATION l VERED l IDIT l LIN l ADI l VARDIT l GALI Emitters l SUPERTIF Online Drippers l Button Drippers
MICRO SPRINKLERS l Gulf l Rondo l Statojet l Senninger Wobbles l Farm Impact
FILTERS l AMIAD Tagline l AMIAD Filtomat l AMIAD Steel Filters l Sand Filters l SIGMA Mini l SIGMA Pro l Black Plastic
INLINE VALVES l Gulf Control Valves l Hydraulic Accessories
AIR VALVES l Unirain
AUTOMATION l Gulf 600 l Flushman l Wireless Controllers l GALCON l WATER 3000 l NUTRI CONTROL



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Energy Find


EnergyFind is your online one-stop portal for all your alternative energy needs.

We provide information on alternative energy, including solar, hydro, nuclear, wind and anything that goes with it. We also offer a business directory where suppliers in the industry can advertise their services, which mean that anyone searching for alternative energy solutions will be able to connect with a supplier who can then assist them. is owned and operated by Velisa Agencies CC which has established itself as a pro-green company.

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Charl Hoole
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