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Enartis South Africa is a wholly Italian owned South African subsidiary of Esseco Group that has its headquarters in Trecate Italy. Enartis is based in Dal Josaphat, Paarl, making it central to most winemakers in the Boland.

What do we offer?

Enartis specialises in all wine cellar chemicals providing the full A to Z of wine chemicals, from yeasts, nutrients, enzymes, tannins, fining and stabilization agents, and chemical cleaning products. We also have a range of products ideal for those making organic/bio-dynamic wines.

How can we help?

Enartis ‘StabLab’

We are able to assist our customers with a unique laboratory service, operated by qualified scientists. The laboratory service specializes in stabilization trials (with CMC and CMC-based products), and also helps our valued customers to make decisions regarding fining and finishing of wines, especially through the use of our wide range of tannins. Contact your Enartis representative if you would like your white, rosé, or red wines analysed, with a recommendation of which of our unique stabilizing colloids or tannins will suit best for your stability or sensory needs.

Enartis pHR

A further service that we offer is that of our pHR ion-exchange machine which we contract out, and operate, in order to help our customers achieve an optimal wine-pH. This cost effective and accurate result is a quick and less evasive way to adjust wine pH and involves advantages as per the attached brochure.

Enartis South Africa – Our Product List

A detailed catalogue of our products is available from our office or a visit to our website which provides a comprehensive list together with MSDS and technical sheets.

  • Enzymes: Clarification, colour extraction, pectolytic, flotation.
  • Nutrients & Fermentation Aids
  • Yeasts: Red, white, rose and sparkling – a big range to suit your wine style.
  • Tannins: Crushing, fermentation, structuring and finishing.
  • Polysaccharides: Fermentation and maturation.
  • Malolactic Bacteria
  • Fining Agents: Allergen Free, gelatines, PVPP, bentonites, Silica.
  • Stabilizing: Gum Arabic, CMC.
  • Sulphiting Agents: Ammonium Bisulphite and Potassium Bilsulphite, liquid and powder.
  • Commodity Items: Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Caustic, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sulphuric Acid for pH ion-exchange machine.

We have a range of organic/allergen free items for organic wineries too.

Head Office
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