The 2019 Absa Top 10 Pinotage Winners Announced

19 August 2019. Read more…

Wine and the Myth of Natural

13 August 2019. Is “natural wine” better for you? Is “natural wine” tastier? Is “natural wine” really just an expression of a nostalgic ideology but possessing no particular benefits over conventionally made wine? Read more…


18 July 2019. 2019 Tafel- en Droogdruifdae,

Hierdie dae word aangebied in samewerking met SATI

  • 19 Augustus 2019 – Bushfellows, Loskop
  • 21 Augustus 2019 – Lake Grappa, Kakamas
  • 23 Augustus 2019 – Kronenburg, Paarl

Van die onderwerpe wat bespreek sal word:

Challenges with new varieties – an independent view – Martin Silva (Chile);

Dr John Purchase, Hoof Uitvoerende Beampte, AGBIZ sal gesels oor die impak op landbou na die algemene verkiesing.

Die sluitingsdatum vir inskrywings is 8 Augustus 2019.
Hiermee die skakel vir die volledige programme en registrasievorm:

Demand rising for low-to-no-alcohol wines

18 February 2019 – Reduced alcohol winemakers could be looking at a bumper year in 2019. A new report is forecasting demand increases for low to no alcohol wines of almost 18% in the US, 7% in the UK, 4% in Germany and 20% in Spain. Read more…

France: Champagne yields look set to break all records with bumper crop

8 August 2018 – However, the appellation authorities are restricting how much growers can produce. Read more…

´Frankenstein wine´ warning over French super-grapes

6 August 2918 – French wine scientists have come up with four revolutionary supergrape varieties they say are impervious to rot and thus require almost no pesticides. But purists have warned that the lab-grown creations, which mix grape genes from around the world, could lead to dumbed-down, low-grade “Frankenstein wine”.  Read more…

Winemakers and science combine forces in Tasmanian project to find key to better bubbly

13 June 2018 – Scientists are researching ways to make tastier sparkling wines that matures faster and, as a happy by-product, are more cost-effective to produce. Read more…

The Sex Life of Wine Grapes

30 May 2018 – Cultivated vines are hermaphroditic (the reproductive organs of both sexes are simultaneously present). Thus, come spring, grapevines pollinate themselves. But only if the moment is right. Read more…

The rosé revolution

23 May 2018 – The days of dismissing rosé as a mere summer flirtation are over. As producers and consumers realise the depth of flavour and sheer quality of the wines on offer, the power of pink will only become stronger. Read more…