How Wine Labels Influence Purchase Decisions Using Eye-Tracking Technology

What should a winery put on that label to get someone to buy it? A flashy label? A wordy story? The decision to what the label should look like can arguably be just as important as the growing of the grape and other winemaking processes prior to the wine even going into the bottle. Read more..

The future of wine packaging

People who are supposed to know these things insist that wine packaging is about to undergo a revolution – specifically, that canned wine is the next big thing and will sooner rather than later compete with bottles as the package of choice.

In this, they are wrong. Wine packaging has remained the same for centuries – a bottle with a cork – and there is absolutely no reason to believe that canned wine’s future is any different than screwcaps or boxes. It will occupy a niche, and lots of people will like it. But most of us won’t even notice it. Read more…