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23 May 2017 – How many cartons can you code with one litre of ink? Introducing the Markem Imaje’s 4500 Drop on Demand (DOD) large character valvejet coder.

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26 April 2017 – Offer more value on-pack…Times are tight and everyone wants more for less. Our innovative labelling and merchandising solutions make it easier for you to offer more value to your customers

Multi-Color Corporation News

EnviroLabel™ is the sustainable choice in self-adhesive label paper stocks. Developed specifically for the wine industry, EnviroLabel™ is the first 100% recycled label stock that equals the whiteness and visual appeal of traditional uncoated papers, while delivering moisture and ice-bucket performance. Produced from 100% recycled certified pulp, the chlorine-free face stock is laminated onto fully recyclable PET liner. Read more…

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19 April 2017 –  PRINTING onto porous boxes (CASE CODING)