Western Cape drought could cost 17,000 ag sector jobs

2 September 2017 – It’s estimated that a potential drop of 10% in agricultural produce due to the drought could lead to 17,000 job losses in the South Africa’s Western Cape. An agricultural economist has also warned that the current drought will have the biggest impact on seasonal employment in December. Read more…


Agriculture groups push for Australia-UK free trade agreement after Brexit

14 August 2017 – Key segments of Australian agriculture believe that Brexit creates an “unprecedented opportunity” to lift exports to Britain, and potentially generate significant new export earnings from products as diverse as beef, lamb, rice and wine. Read more…

Farmland Grab News

3 August 2017 – Using the tenure guidelines for action research. Read more…

A 10-point plan to accelerate orderly land reform in South Africa

1 August 2017 – The National Forum concluded that South Africa’s constitution doesn’t stand in the way of land reform. However, it’s clear that political negligence has fuelled undue bureaucracy, mismanagement and corruption, which have severely hampered meaningful land reform. It reached consensus on a 10-point plan for constitutionally accelerated land reform. Read more…

New approaches and sustainable partnerships will enhance food security in Africa

25 July 2017 – Africa will this year continue to be home to some of the fastest-growing cities thanks to the continent’s large young population seeking jobs and improved livelihoods. However, a key challenge associated with rapidly urbanising populations is a chronic food insecurity problem that is aggravated by a lack of sufficient property rights, agricultural investment and policy and regulatory uncertainty leading to rising food prices despite access to land and willing producers to cultivate it. Read more…

A new reality for oil prices

21 July 2017 – The shale industry is increasingly acting as the price regulator for oil. This is not good news for Africa’s producers of crude. Read more…

The future of farmland (part 1): the new land grab

13 July 2017 – The flood of investment over the last several years means that agricultural land itself is being treated more and more like a profitable financial asset, instead of a productive natural resource. READ.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2017

Global executives see geopolitical issues as a rising risk to growth, but they remain more buoyant than downbeat in their outlook for both the global and domestic economies.

12 Issues Africa Needs To Address To Be More Globally Competitive

29 June 2017 – Africa is a continent of great opportunity and potential, but as a whole, the continent needs to work to become more globally competitive for the benefit of industries such as tech to truly thrive. Read more…

South Africa launches $78m investment scheme to stimulate ag sector

7 June 2017 – An incentive scheme designed to boost investments in new and existing agro-processing projects has kicked off with a R1-billion cost-sharing grant fund in South Africa.

The Agro-processing Support Scheme (APSS) targets food and beverage value addition and processing (including black winemakers), fertiliser production and other sectors. It aims to increase capacity, create employment, boost competitiveness and contribute to transformation in these five sectors.

The Department of Trade and Industry has set aside R1 billion in this financial year to fund the scheme. It offers a 20% to 30% cost-sharing grant, to a maximum of R20 million, over a two-year investment period. The minimum investment value is R1 million.

“It’s clear which assets qualify as the incentive is industry-specific,” he says. “We expect the incentive to stimulate the creation of more local agriculture projects such as apple, potato and vegetables farms, which should also assist in transformation objectives,” Duane Newman, joint MD of Cova Advisory and head of the tax incentives committee of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (Sait) said.

source: moneyweb.co.za

Publication date: 6/7/2017