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24 April 2017 – Saturated apple markets mean difficult year for South African exports. Read more…

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South African Sharon Fruit season underway. Read more…

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Overview Global Apple Market. Read more…

Overview Global Pear Market

In the northern hemisphere, there are currently pears from storage available. Last month, the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) published the updated stock figures. In Europe, stocks are lower than last year, but in the US there are more pears available for sale. In these countries, producers are already preparing for the next season, although it’s still too early in most countries to offer accurate prospects. Read more…

South African table grape season well on track

South Africa’s table grape producers in the Orange River region have finished picking, as have growers in the northern provinces. In the Western Cape growers have finished picking their white varieties and are focusing on their red and black varieties. Read more …

“Phenomenal growth” in South African blueberry industry

The South African blueberry industry is in a period of robust growth, due to high demand from the UK and the EU for blueberries in particular, as well as nascent domestic interest. It has been bolstered by a similar (if earlier) growth spurt in Australia, where many of the new cultivars used in the South African blueberry industry were developed. Read more…

South African apple and pear export outlook for 2017

Despite the drought affecting certain production areas, a normal pome fruit season is expected. Although fruit size is smaller than expected, the overall quality (including sugar content) is good, and colour development and cosmetic pack-outs look promising. Read more…

Overview Global Stonefruit Market

With the exception of Sweden, the stonefruit market is quiet in Europe. The fruit is perceived as a summer product and consumption consequently falls under the influence of the wintry weather. Only in Sweden have plums, peaches and nectarines partly managed to shake off that image. Read more…

South Africa more than doubles grape exports to North America

South Africa more than doubles grape exports to North America

As demand continues to be strong for South African grapes, the European market especially is seeing good prices, this had been helped by the rain in the Northern province and Orange River, which saw a short break in the harvest. The Middle East has received less volumes than at the same time last year as has Russia; the big winner is Canada which is becoming an increasingly popular destination for South African grapes – volumes sent there have more than doubled this season. The Far Eastern market has also seen an increase in volumes as the protocol for China was changed this season.

Northern Provinces
About 80% of the harvest has been packed in this region. The good rains affected sugars on Crimson but most vineyards in this region are already cultivated under plastic covers. Producers are still very positive about the harvest and expect the region to end in line with the crop estimate.

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Orange River
Over 90% of the harvest has been packed in this region. Rain fell in certain parts of the region over the past week. It is not expected that the rain will have a big impact on the total volume due to many grapes being under plastic covers. Producers remain positive that they will end within the crop estimate.

Olifants River
The grapes are healthy and quality looks good in general. The region had some rain, but it will not have a noteworthy effect on the harvest. The colour development is better than in the previous season.

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Berg River
Although early in the season the hot and dry weather promises a good start to the harvest. The persistent drought is of concern, however berry size is back to standard. Midnight Beauty, Flame, and Victoria are some of the cultivars that are promising at this stage.

Hex River
The start of the season was very positive with good volumes being packed. The grapes are healthy and of good quality. Flame appeared good while Sugraone was slightly lighter than expected. The weather is hot and no rain has been predicted.

Publication date: 1/16/2017
Author: Nichola Watson

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South African stone fruit volume to Germany increasing. Read more…