Organic wines popular with the French

15 November 2019. The organic wine industry is now worth more than a billion euros in the French market and as much as 1.5 billion euros including exports. And revenue is expected to increase further due to strong demand. According to a survey commissioned by Agence Bio and conducted by OpinionWay, 48% of French people […]

Five ways that ESG creates value

15 November 2019. Getting your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) proposition right links to higher value creation. Here’s why.

Drought is costing South African agriculture sector billions

14 November 2019. The agricultural body that represents nearly 28,000 commercial farmers across the country is calling on the government for financial aid to address the debilitating drought wreaking havoc across the country. Read more…

Farming in South Africa under threat from Climate Change

14 November 2019. There’s an assumption in the agricultural industry that the yields and prices of crops will vary according to local conditions as well as supply and demand in local and international markets. As a result, farmers understand that not every year will be profitable but over the long run, all things being equal, […]

Namibian Table Grape Competition 2019

14 November 2019. This prestigious event draws great attention and attendance from producers, exporters and visitors from all over Namibia and South Africa. Read more…