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Latest News Articles
The Case for ‘Regrexit’: Why Britain Won’t Really Leave the EU
Despite the Brexit vote, Britain will remain a de-facto member of the European Union.

10 best-selling bakkies in South Africa
The rivalry between Toyota and Ford in the pick up, or ‘bakkie’ category has continued into 2016 through their respective Hilux and Ranger editions.

Rabobank: Agri Commodity Markets Research
USDA's June 2016 Acreage and Grain Stocks Report

$24 billion investment boost for African agriculture
The African Development Bank (AfDB) has pledged 24 billion U.S. dollars as an investment to ensure the implementation of the continent’s agricultural transformation agenda, a statement has said.

The Finer Things in Life Boosts Desirability and Values Of Cape Vineyard Neighbourhoods.
It is no coincidence that the suburbs of South Africa’s primary wine growing regions rank amongst the most sought-after property in the country.

Agbiz Newsletter
30 June 2016 • Operation Phakisa: Transforming agri sector towards an inclusive rural economy • Food producer inflation remains unchanged • South Africa's food security improves, despite drought and high food prices • South Africa's summer crops production estimates remain unchanged.

Fresh Plaza News
BREXIT: What will the consequences be for the fruit and vegetable trade?

South Africa: Soft citrus volumes up, early finish for Navels
The estimates made at the beginning of the citrus season in South Africa have changed again with the latest prediction for soft citrus increasing by 0.2 million cartons, while the navel estimate has fallen by 2.6 million, these figures are from the Citrus Grower's Association.

Agri-Expo Press Release
Agri-Expo Livestock showcases and promotes the livestock industry - 13 to 15 October 2016, Sandringham, Stellenbosch.

Par Excellance Recruitment News
27 June 2016

Looking beyond technology to drive sales operations
New trends are forcing sales leaders to rethink how they sell. The right investment in sales operations can unlock sustainable growth.

All your #Brexit questions answered
British voters have opted to walk out on the European Union, setting up at least two years of bitter talks. Here’s a road map of what’s to come...

Agbiz Newsletter
22 June 2016

Fresh Plaza News
Poland boosts links with South Africa.

Land rush: Sellout of Europe’s agricultural land
It describes the French policies aimed at controlling land transactions, land prices and rents. It analyses new challenges to European land market policies such as the sale of shares of companies which own land.

Fresh Plaza News
South Africa: Western Cape ideal for investment due to ag sector.

Par Excellance Recruitment News
20 June 2016

Climate Change: Field Reports from Leading Winemakers
Winegrowers have already felt the negative effects of climate warming on their wines: too much sugar, “stewed” fruit aromas, international taste, tough tannins, and an inability to acquire the reduction bouquet associated with aging.

Overview Global Apple Market
The latest figures for Europe from 1 May 2016 point to a stock of 1,385,257 tonnes, which is 100,000 tonnes more than last year.

IFAMA 2016 Press Release
Leaders from business and science are to explore answers to the global food security challenge at IFAMA 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark next week.

Industry Information
SA Wine Routes SA Brandy Routes
Expose yourself to the best of SA's Wine Routes, you will not be disappointed, the selection is endless. AgriworldSA presents you with South Africa's brandy routes.

Winetech Research
Research projects include Oenology, Viticulture, Technology Transfer and Technology Support. Click to view project details and complete database.

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