22 March 2019 – Despite the relatively limited volumes available, prices remain low. Read more… (Visited 10 times, 10 visits today)

Researchers reflect on 30 years of potato breeding in South Africa

22 March 2019 – Potato production has a rich history in the Republic of South Africa (RSA). The first breeding programme in that country was initiated by the late Dr JE van der Plank back in 1950. Over the years, the focus of the breeding programme shifted from seed security and virus resistance in the […]

Michelangelo on par with global trends as sales of award stickers rocket

21 March 2019 – More than ever, wine and spirits producers are understanding and valuing the relevance of serious competitions – a factor underscored by drinks competitions globally reporting not just an increase in entries, but a sharp escalation in the demand from successful producers for winners’ stickers. Read more… (Visited 23 times, 23 visits […]

ABSA Agribusiness

20 March 2019 – Feedlot Market Report Period: 4 – 10 Mar 2019 (Week 10) (Visited 4 times, 4 visits today)