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21 November 2017 – Value-adding and compliant labelling solutions for the agrochemical industry.

How farm dwellers in South Africa think about home, land and belonging

21 November 2017 – South Africa’s unemployment rate puts it in the bottom ten countries in the world. Hunger levels are growing. It has what Berkeley geography professor Gillian Hart calls a “population surplus to the needs of capital” that must find ways to survive despite living a “wageless existence.” Read more…

South African citrus industry to add new CBS mitigation measures

18 November 2017 – Spanish agricultural union UNIÓ de Llauradors regards the increased number of CBS interceptions on South African citrus during the latter part of the 2017 season as evidence that the South African industry isn’t taking the pest seriously, a claim the South African industry denies. Read more…

Africa welcomes renewables revolution

17 November 2017 – Africa’s ability to provide electricity to its population has traditionally been judged on the ability of its governments to finance or attract private sector investment into new power plants.Such discussion has generally missed the point. There is no benefit in funding centralised power plants, whether thermal or hydro, without parallel investment […]

Late rain improves outlook for South African stonefruit

16 November 2017 – The Western Cape is thrilled with the rain that has fallen over the past few days, particularly in the Klein-Karoo and the Overberg regions, with amounts upwards of 40mm for towns like Robertson, Riversdal, Heidelberg and even 80mm in Swellendam. Read more…