Global warming from winemakers’ perspectives

19 March 2018 – Most people think of global warming in terms of everything just getting warmer.  But as winemakers (and Californians) have come to learn, it causes more potentially extreme weather – hot and cold, drought and lots of precipitation — even during what otherwise seems like a normal growing season. Read more…

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15 March 2018 – 2017/2018 SEASON STATISTICS – UP TO WEEKS 10 AND 11

Breaking new ground: Investigating and prosecuting land grabbing as an international crime

15 March 2018 – Since 2000, governments, financial investors, and national and transnational corporate actors have been involved in land deals covering over 38.9 million hectares of land in developing countries – an area greater in size than Germany. Conservative estimates suggest that over 12 million people have lost their incomes as a result of […]

Cape wine tourism grows by 16%

15 March 2018 – Ninety-nine percent of tour operators in the Western Cape include wine tours in their itinerary, which has helped wine tourism in the province grow by 16% in the past year. Read more…