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15 February 2019 – OVERVIEW GLOBAL ONION MARKET. Read more… (Visited 3 times, 3 visits today)

ABSA Agribusiness

15 February 2019 – Feedlot report. (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

Fresh Plaza News

14 February 2019 – South Africa: Late grape regions going well. Read more… (Visited 3 times, 3 visits today)

Organic, natural, biodynamic… What next for wine?

13 February 2019 – Wine has been popular for centuries: but as consumers becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability there’s huge potential for niche categories – such as organic, natural and biodynamic – to grow. BeverageDaily puts the spotlight on the trends the industry will be seeing more of in the coming years. Read more… (Visited 4 […]

New FAO publication highlights why sustainable agriculture policies are key

12 February 2019 – During a recent Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) panel discussion, director general, José Graziano da Silva emphasised the need to achieve sustainable agriculture practices, with reference to a newly launched publication, Sustainable Food and Agriculture: An Integrated Approach which aims to present state-of-the-art evidence on how sustainable agriculture can be continuously […]

ABSA Agribusiness

9 February 2019 – Feedlot Report. (Visited 7 times, 7 visits today)

SA is at high risk for harmful online behaviour

8 February 2019 – It gauges the attitudes and perceptions of teens between 13 and 17 and adults between 18 and 74, about the state of digital civility today and also measures people’s safety online and exposure to risks such as cyberbullying, unwanted contact and harassment as well as exposure to hoaxes and scams. Read […]